Pill Freedom Program

Dr. Antoinette created the Pill Freedom Methodâ„¢ , an evidence-based program to help women transition off hormonal birth control with confidence, control of hormonal side effects and a clear understanding of their hormone heath and future fertility. To apply, please schedule your Hormone Discovery Call so we can see if we are meant to work together!

Download my Free Guidebook: Top 3 Myths about The Pill and Steps to Naturally Reclaim your Hormone Health, which includes a Post-Birth Control Pill Checklist!

Hormone Reset Program

Details coming soon!

Integrative Prenatal Course

Available in person at Two Rivers Health in Guelph. Details can be found HERE!

Online Sleep Workshop with Dr. Corrine Seeley

Navigating opinions on infant sleep from books, blogs, and even medical professionals can be overwhelming for parents. Dr. Corrine Seeley, is a paediatric sleep specialist, working in the area of sleep and development for over 12 years. After having a son of her own she devoted her career to bringing educated and realistic sleep education to families through workshops and one-on-one consultations. She is particularly passionate about helping expecting families understand infant sleep and giving them tools for their sleep toolbox!

For more information or to sign-up for this workshop HERE!