Naturopathic Medicine 

Naturopathic doctors are highly trained healthcare practitioner who must complete a four-year full-time program after obtaining an undergraduate degree from a post secondary institution. The naturopathic medical training program includes extensive training in basic medical sciences, naturopathic modalities and 1200 hours of supervised clinical experience. Graduates must complete two sets of licensing board exams and maintain ongoing continuing education.

These are the principles of naturopathic medicine, a system of primary healthcare that focuses on promoting wellness, addressing the root cause of illness and preventing disease. Naturopathic medicine is the perfect blend of research-based and traditional therapies, to help restore your body’s health. Naturopathic Medicine is beneficial for individuals of all ages. 

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine 

Primum no nocere (First do no harm) 

Naturopathic Doctors treat diseases in the most non-invasive and natural way that reduces the risk of harmful side effects.

Vis mediatrix naturae (Healing power of nature) 

By using the healing power of nature to support the body’s innate ability to repair and restore balance to heal itself.

Tolle causum (Treat the cause) 

Naturopathic doctors identify and remove the underlying cause of disease rather than suppressing the symptoms.

 Tolle totum (Treat the whole person) 

Naturopathic doctors treat each patient by understanding the individual’s unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors that contribute to disease, and creating an individualized custom treatment.

 Docere (Doctor as teacher) 

One of the most important roles of a doctor is to provide information for patients to encourage self-responsibility for their health and enable them to make the most educated and informed choice for themselves and their lives.

Praevenire (Prevention is the best cure) 

By working collaboratively with patients to assess risk factors and recommend appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent disease. 




Naturopathic Treatment Modalities

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture 

  • Nutritional Supplementation 

  • Diet & Lifestyle Counseling 

  • Physical Medicine 

  • Homeopathy

  • Bodywork and Hydrotherapy