Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a life time - an initiation into a new dimension of mind body awareness.
— Ina May Gaskin
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Having Antoinette as your Doula includes: 

  • 15- minute complementary meet and greet consultation to see if we will be a good fit

  • Two prenatal appointments, tailored to your specific needs
    •  Includes a thorough health history, developing or reviewing your birth plan, prepare family for birth by providing resources, address all questions or concerns, review breathing exercise, birth positions and relaxation techniques for pain management
    •  In-depth discussion of the doula‚Äôs role during labour and birth that is unique to every family
    • May also include diet and lifestyle counseling, safe herbal and homeopathic suggestion, birth preparation acupuncture, turning breach baby, labour induction with naturopathic interventions, or other pregnancy related concerns, as needed.
    • Appointments can take place at clinic or at home
  •  24-hour a day, on call doula care
    • Available by email, phone or text day/night from week 38 until two weeks postpartum answer questions, attend your birth, or offer immediate support
  • Continuous care during labour + birth
    • Offer physical, informational and emotional support from whatever stage of labour you are experiencing
    • Work collaboratively with other healthcare providers and family members to ensure a positive birth experience
    • Provide support for partner and entire labouring team to ensure they feel informed, calm and focused
    • Create a safe, relaxed, warm space with minimal distractions
  • One postpartum appointment
    •  Review the birth experience, provide basic breastfeeding and lactation support
    • May include basic postpartum support for mom and baby, nutritional support, safe herbal and homeopathic suggestions, or acupuncture, as needed

Naturopathic perinatal care through labour and delivery is covered under most extended health benefit plans through naturopathic coverage. Contact your insurance provider to review the specifics of your plan.